Writing room

London, N7
03/02/2014  •  297 words

Listening to: Desire by Anna Calvi

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

Two halves of one room. On the one side, a Scandinavian minimalist office space. This is for big books and writing. The desk is expansive and empty, save for a notepad, pencil, and computer. Clear desk, clear mind. Me, my thoughts, and a liberating lack of clutter.

On the other half of the room, a couch or bed or squishy area, with thick carpet and warm snuggly blankets, and a couple of lamps to make the act of reading as enjoyably comfortable as possible. This side of the room is all about autumnal colours.

The wall on the squishy side is solid, end to end, with full bookshelves. The other wall is totally bare.

A sound system gives crisp, bassy surround sound that envelops the room and makes it sound as good as it looks. The wires and speakers are totally hidden. It’s invisible but ever-present.

Some people want a shed in the back garden so they can tinker. Others want an attic to hoard their junk. More want a big kitchen for the love of cooking and entertaining. I’d take a high-rise, single-storey place with a box for a kitchen if only I could have my thinking room. A space for me and my mind to synchronise. Where the physical and the mental could come together in a beautiful unity of purpose and productivity. This is the place I feel I would be most at comfort with myself.

“What are your daydreams?” one of the ministers at church is fond of asking. His point is that where our daydreams are, our hearts are also. Well, here it is. This is my daydream. This is my great If Only.