Alma mater

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07/04/2014  •  281 words

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You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater – about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

Stop. Look. Listen. Live.

That’s my culturally relevant four-word summary of Old Testament prophesy. And if you want advice about the path of life, there are few better places to start than Old Testament prophesy.

The prophesy of the Old Testament stands at that most interesting of places in Bible history, with enough past events to hark back to but every future event yet to be realised. It’s the stuff of the valleys of life, where the road back looks scraggy and the road ahead looks uncertain. Into the murky situations of life, God speaks. He tells his people what he expects from them. He urges them to trust him. He guides their paths.

He tells them to stop – stop doing the bad stuff that is leading them into trouble. He tells them to look – look back at what he has done for them, and the promises he has made for them, and the way he has kept them. He tells them to listen – to open their ears to hear what he has to say to them. He tells them to live – to come to new life in the saving grace of the God who redeems his people when they put their trust in him.

Stop. Look. Listen. Live. That’s how you will be the king of the road, the path of life.

That’s about it. Nobody likes a long-winded speech, anyhow. Truth be told, I’d probably add more so I sounded important but the rest would just be filler.