10/04/2014  •  309 words

Imperfections – in things, in people, in places – add character to life. Tell us about an imperfection that you cherish.

For a long time, I wondered why my glasses were always wonky. I must have sat on them at some point. Or fallen asleep with them on and rolled onto one side. Or been hit over the head with a pillow while wearing them. One way or another, they had become wonky.

The wonkiness doesn’t bother me day by day, and I suppose I became accustomed to it over time, so I barely noticed this fact and paid even less attention to the time between instances where I noticed it.

I had been wearing glasses for over a decade when it occurred to me one day that my glasses were wonky in the same way as the previous pair had been. And the pair before that. And the pair before that. And so on. And because it’s highly unlikely that every pair of glasses I’ve ever owned has become wonky in the same way, I looked for a more obvious explanation. It turns out that my ears aren’t the same height, so my glasses always rest slightly higher on one side of my head than the other.

I am rather fond of that imperfection, among the many of which I’m not fond, because it is the kind of thing that you really have to study to notice. Once you start looking for them, you find those sorts of things everywhere. The top of my right ear, for example, is folded over, while the top of my left one is not. I don’t think anybody else has ever noticed that about me – and why would they?! I like those private quirks that nobody would ever pay attention to, but in some real sense make me feel like me.