Welcome to “At the crossroads” – a blog from Alastair Gledhill. This is where I write stuff, share the odd photo, and reference the music I’m listening to at the time.

About the blog

This is my ‘thinking aloud’ space.

This blog has emerged from the remnants of some writing occasional writing experiments. For a while I was writing a post every day, following a set of prompts. A small number of those posts are still archived here. I am currently writing a weekly diary.

The blog’s name comes from Jeremiah 6:16:

Stand at the crossroads and look;
    ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
    and you will find rest for your souls.

I know of no definition of theology that is both simpler and more comprehensive.

  • Stand at the ‘crossroads’ of any topic or ethic or text or decision. We needn’t rush; there is a time for reflection and gathering our thoughts.
  • Look out and survey the scenery; ultimately, look to Christ and make his agenda ours.
  • Ask for the ‘ancient paths’ and the ‘good way’ that others have trodden before us. That means looking to our fellow-travellers for their wisdom and help, but further it means discerning the wisdom of God in his word.
  • Walk in it. Be wise. Commit the standing and looking and asking to action. Continue on the right road.

In so doing, we find rest for our souls; our ultimate need and God’s ultimate blessing.


From time to time I like to review the books I’ve read or the exhibitions I’ve seen or the films I’ve watched or the concerts I’ve gone to.

Listening to…

When I post items to the blog, I usually include a reference to the song or piece of music I was listening to while preparing it. There is often no special significance to the songs, but I find the mood of my writing is shaped by the mood of the music I am listening to at the time.

I have also made a ‘Playlist’ page template that lists all the songs I’ve referenced in this way, along with the title and date of the post that I wrote while listening to them.