The Shepherd God

In which I review a book about a psalm that I thought I knew well but found that I had more to learn from.

London, NW2  •  26/05/2014  •  543 words
Listening to: Psalm 23 by Stuart Townend

Liar & Spy

In which I review a book and reflect on that wonderful period of childhood that spans “middle school.”

London, N7  •  13/04/2014  •  1699 words
Listening to: Jolene by Dolly Parton

Alma mater

I which I write a very short hypothetical speech, and make it about Old Testament prophesy.

London, N7  •  07/04/2014  •  281 words
Listening to: Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash

The Bunker Diary

In which I review a book that is relentlessly bleak, and conclude that it is almost true but not quite.

London, N7  •  06/04/2014  •  2481 words
Listening to: Chain Reaction by Diana Ross


In which I unite impossibility and Lewis Carroll and Easter, just because I can.

London, N7  •  18/03/2014  •  1101 words
Listening to: There Is a Higher Throne by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Back to the future

In which I imagine a message written to people in the future, reminding them not to forget our past.

London, N7  •  01/03/2014  •  481 words
Listening to: Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland

Comedy of errors

A short story in which everything goes wrong for a lady called Cathy.

London, N7  •  27/02/2014  •  422 words
Listening to: Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

Buffalo nickel

In which I write about Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen and Defender of the Faith.

London, N7  •  24/02/2014  •  785 words
Listening to: We Will Rock You by Queen

A plot of earth

In which I dream about owning and running a shop that sells works of literature and hot beverages.

London, N7  •  20/02/2014  •  411 words
Listening to: Let Her Go by Passenger

Far from normal

In which I make a list of strange things that I do, and start that list from 0.

London, N7  •  18/02/2014  •  199 words
Listening to: Some Nights by fun.