Series 1, Episode 1
By Russell T Davies

The alien and the normal

In this episode, we meet the Doctor (who is an alien) and Rose (who is normal). Together, they will save the world. As they do so, we learn about the importance of alienness and normalness.

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Series 1, Episode 2
The End of the World
By Russell T Davies

Vanity at the end of the world

The world is about to end. Mercifully, the Doctor and Rose are there to watch it happen. In the ensuing explosion (and in the explosion of drum-skin-thin Cassandra) the sheer vanity of human endeavour is exposed.

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Series 1, Episode 3
The Unquiet Dead
By Mark Gatiss

Pragmatism, rationalism and supernaturalism in Victorian Cardiff

Yes, it’s the one with Charles Dickens in Cardiff at Christmas. What better setting could there be for a study in rationalism and supernaturalism? (Spoiler alert: the rationalist gets converted).

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Series 1, Episode 4
Aliens of London
By Russell T Davies

Coming of age in an alien invasion

A giant spaceship has crash-landed in central London. Could this be the opportunity the human race needs to “grow up” and start reaching for the stars? And what on earth would “growing up” look like?

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Series 1, Episode 5
World War Three
By Russell T Davies

The parable of the sower

Russel T Davies unwittingly retells one of Jesus’ most probing parables. In a story involving gangly, flatulent aliens. Don’t say this blog doesn’t deliver on high-concept theological reflections.

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Series 1, Episode 6
By Robert Shearman

Existential questions from an impure Dalek

The Doctor stumbles upon a Dalek. The Dalek stumbles upon Rose’s DNA. And then the Dalek begins to question itself. What is it? What is it for? And what should it do with itself?

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Series 1, Episode 7
The Long Game
By Russell T Davies

Information wants to be free

A big media organisation is lying to the human race, enslaving them through suggestion and coercion and a suppression of inquisitiveness. Mercifully the Doctor is on hand to set the truth free.

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Series 1, Episode 8
Father's Day
By Paul Cornell

Works-righteousness and the most important thing in creation

Human beings are the most important things in creation. Unless they make bad choices. But good choices earn them special honour. This is works-righteousness according to the Doctor.

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